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Wireless Protector - Auto Disable Wireless
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Lan-Secure Wireless Protector - Review

Editors team at, a leading software directory for freeware, shareware, demo and commercial software, has reviewed and awarded Lan-Secure Wireless Protector as "Best among the like", saying that it is "the most promising in its class".
Corporate networks are usually a mix of standard and wireless connections with varying levels of security. The average corporate user rarely thinks about this aspect of the company’s infrastructure and uses any available connection to log in to the network. However, when a Wi-Fi enabled device is connected (via a dock station or directly with a LAN cable) to the corporate LAN, it may create opportunity for an intruder to use this bridge for stealing or damaging confidential data.

Wireless Protector is a specialized security tool specifically created to prevent security breaches via bridged Wi-Fi/LAN connections. This endpoint security solution automatically disables wireless and endpoint devices when they are connected to a LAN and restores the connection when they disconnect from the LAN. This helps prevent unauthorized access via untrusted wireless devices, which are often used in large enterprise networks. Organizationally, Wireless Protector acts as a server for all protected systems and can be easily deployed in the form of a remote service via standard MSI packages. The product comes with a management interface that provides everything necessary for monitoring remote services on protected systems, getting instant updates on the status of protection and generate detailed reports. Wireless Protector protects all major types of endpoint and wireless devices, including Bluetooth, FireWire, CD/DVD drives, modems, infrared, removable USB, broadband and wireless 802.11 devices, among others.

If you are in charge of a large network and are seeking a way to close this potential security hole, Wireless Protector will be an excellent solution — affordable, efficient and easy to deploy.

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