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Wireless Protector Troubleshoot

Wireless Protector troubleshooting can be done in few simple steps. After installing Wireless Protector using the software Online Help or the following Wireless Protector Installation guide, verify the software operation by using the following steps.

These are the required steps to troubleshoot and verify the operation of the software:
1. Make sure that Wireless Protector Server software is running on any windows platform on you LAN.
2. For protected Windows computer clients make sure that "Lan-Secure WPClient" protection service is running.
3. For protected Mac-OSX computer clients make sure that "Wireless Protector" process is running.
4. From one of the protected computer clients run the following command "Telnet XYZ 49150" where XYZ is the IP or name of the server, a blank screen should be received (if there are any errors make sure that port 49150 of the server is not blocked by antivirus of firewall software).
5. From the protected computer make sure that the wireless adapter is connected to any nearby access point with IP address and connect the LAN cable to verify that the computer wireless adapters become disabled.
6. From the protected computer disconnect the LAN cable to verify that the previously disabled wireless adapters become enabled.

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