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Wireless Protector - Auto Disable Wireless

Wireless Protector Remote Console Viewer

Wireless Protector Monitor console can manage and viewed through the software remote console. The software remote console viewer can be installed on any windows platform and manage selected Wireless Protector Servers. The remote console viewer can be used when there is a need to manage Wireless Protector Server from remote location or in case of multiple administrators.

These are the required steps to install the remote console viewer:
1. Run Wireless Protector software on your preferred windows platform.
2. On the installation option select the Viewer checkbox only.
3. Finish Wireless Protector installation process.

These are the required steps to enable the server remote viewer:
1. Open Wireless Protector server installation folder.
2. Set sharing permissions on the folder to your preferred administration users.
3. Enable Full Control permissions for users that need to update or change the server settings.

These are the required steps to setup the remote console viewer:
1. Open the Tools View in Wireless Protector Viewer.
2. Click the Viewer link to manage the current available servers.
3. Add preferred Wireless Protector server by selecting its shared installation folder.
4. Click the Save button to save the current servers list.
5. Click the Connect button to connect to the preferred server.

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